About us

Kohl PR is a leading German communications consultancy with particular expertise in sensitive and potentially volatile socio-political issues.

The agency has been founded in 1984, and provides support to both national and international clients. We particularly focus on consumer protection, nutrition, health, the environment, agriculture, trade, construction, sustainability, community and social affairs. To help achieve its aims, the agency has access to established networks in the media, in politics, with organisations, in the sciences and with associations.

As one of few communications agencies, Kohl PR & Partner offers public relations, stakeholder management, public affairs and crisis communication services from a single provider. We belong to the GPRA, an association formed of leading German PR agencies.

Since 2015, Kohl PR has been a member of the SEC Group, which merged in September 2019 with Porta and became SEC Newgate. The group has about 600 employees in 30 offices throughout 14 countries and four continents. We have been a member of the Crisis Management Network (CMN) for many years, in which capacity we work with some of the best-known agencies in Europe and further afield.

In the heart of Berlin

Kohl PR & Partner was founded in Bonn. Following the relocation of the Federal Government, the agency opened an office in Berlin and later moved the company’s headquarters to the capital on a permanent basis.

The offices of Kohl PR & Partner are located in Schumannstraße, in the political heart of Berlin, and are thus in the immediate vicinity of political decision-making centres such as the Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the Federal Chancellery, as well as the headquarters of associations, organisations and media companies.


Tanja Schüle

Tanja Schüle, Managing Director

Tanja Schüle has been a member of the executive board since 2017 and in July 2019 took over the role as managing director. She leads strategy, concept and consulting for national and international communication and stakeholder campaigns. Thanks to leadership roles in public affairs and communication for international companies in the food and trade sector, she is aware of the specific needs of her clients and has established networks in Berlin’s political landscape and the media.


Peter Rall

Peter Rall, Partner and Strategic Consultant

Peter Rall who has been acting as managing director till June 2019 now takes over the role as partner and strategic consultant. Clients will continue to profit from his sixteen years of experience as managing director and the insights he gained as political correspondent for leading German newspapers and as chief editor at the news desk of the news agency Reuters. His extensive know-how feeds into Kohl PR’s strategic advice as well as into media and crisis trainings. From 2003 to 2005 Peter Rall managed the agency as managing partner together with its founder Elisabeth Kohl until he took over the role of managing director after her passing. Under his leadership Kohl PR became part of the international SEC group with partner agencies in Brussels, Great Britain, France, Italy, Columbia, Poland and Spain.