Crisis communication

Support before and during the crisis

A crisis will usually descend upon a company or an organisation unexpectedly. What happens next is often determined by the media, the online community and other factors. An effective crisis communication strategy, however, will be in place before things become serious.

We have many years of experience in advising our clients on how to recognise and manage risks at an early stage so that a crisis never becomes a catastrophe. We take analysing potential hazards and crisis preparation just as seriously as providing support during the crisis situation or in its aftermath. By crisis preparation, we mean more than just setting up dark sites or producing crisis manuals. Cultivating relationships with politicians, stakeholders and the media are just a few examples of what we consider to be important elements of an effective crisis prevention strategy. It goes without saying that potential hazards arising from online communication have a key role to play.

Crises can easily transcend borders. We are prepared for this, however, since as a member of the Crisis Management Network (CMN), we have close links with well-known owner-operated crisis communications agencies in other European countries.

Media training – our training can help prepare you for critical questions

In the course of our communication training schemes, we provide our clients with the skills to approach difficult discussions, interviews and press conferences with confidence. Our managing director, Peter Rall, has been advising company management boards, politicians and public relations departments for many years. His clients thus benefited from his many years of experience as a journalist. He knows what can go wrong in critical situations and what can be done to cope with them.

  • How do I react to criticism?
  • How can I get my message through even in critical situations?
  • How should I answer difficult questions?
  • How should I prepare myself for difficult discussions?
  • What are the Dos and Don’ts when talking to journalists?

These are just a few examples of what our clients can expect from our communications training. All coaching and training programmes are tailored to the client’s individual requirements.