How we work

Building trust, developing opportunities, managing risks

Building trust in target audiences, with journalists or with politicians is a core function of what we do as a communications agency. Only messages that inspire trust reach their targets, and only those who can make themselves understood are able to gain someone’s trust.

Our particular expertise lies in developing accessible messages and getting to the heart of complex issues using simple language. What’s more, our clients, external target audiences and partners can rely on full transparency, dependability and integrity.

The same applies for our clients. We help them to win the trust of their stakeholders and to generate acceptance and support for their issues and concerns among the media, politicians and partners by making use of our long-standing and reliable networks.

We develop communication opportunities by determining what it is that makes our clients interesting for target audiences. Based on what we discover, we then derive messages, issues and tools using methods ranging from media activities to lobbying and from online communications to approaching the target audience directly.

Identifying and managing risks helps us to protect our clients. This is why we monitor whether or not critical issues are developing, both online and offline. We prepare our clients for crisis situations using a range of scenarios, training programmes and contingency plans. Our crisis prevention techniques equip them with all the skills they need to handle a crisis situation. To do so, we offer frank and honest consultation, during which we highlight any weak spots or vulnerabilities.

Through the eyes of the target audience

In order to reach a target audience, it is important to know how they think, where they get their information from and what interests them. Without such information, it is likely that any messages will miss their target and be thrown straight in the bin.

That’s why we always strive to look at an issue through the eyes of the target audience. This is the guiding principle of our work – in every strategy and every measure, no matter whether it is concerns corporate publishing, representing political interests, media relations, at an event or in client communication.