Public Affairs

Analysis – Strategy – Mobilisation

We deem our political consultancy to have been successful if our client is accepted as a contact partner by politicians, stakeholders and associations and plays an active role in policy formation in political spheres.

Our political consultancy services

  • Analysis of the political climate using digital tools
  • Development of a strategy – how our client’s interests can be incorporated
  • Issue monitoring – developing an early warning system for opportunities and risks
  • Issue management – recognising issues and raising topics
  • Contact and network management – strategic cultivation of sustainable networks
  • Getting our clients’ positions across in political spheres, whether through personal dialogue, position papers, digital communication or in event format.

Successful public affairs also means winning over advocates and alliance parters for our clients’ cause. We provide support for our clients in all aspects of representing political interests and thereby help them to mobilise the right partners for their issues. This can include our client’s own employees, market players, experts and academics, media representatives or trade associations.