Public Relations

No matter whether it is brought about through classic media work or via social media, a successful communications project never produces results without targeted issue management. Nowadays it’s called storytelling or content management, but for us it has always meant answering the same key questions as part of our everyday work:

  • What are the target groups interested in?
  • What would be the value and relevance of our measures for them?
  • How can we make the social media community enthused about an topic?
  • What makes the topic interesting for journalists?
  • How can I weave the topic into an exciting story?

Our guiding principle is to present our client’s exciting topics in a manner that is equally as exciting, so that it hooks the interest of the target audience – this we do via every possible channel, whether printed or online, on TV or via YouTube.

Yet successful public relations work also involves establishing sustainable networks to decision-makers in wider media circles. Thanks to 25 years of experience, we have at our disposal long-standing media connections as well as a thorough understanding of how the media works and the needs of journalists and different forms of media. We make targeted use of this experience in a transparent and reliable manner in the best interests of our clients.